Monday, March 9, 2015

Sisters and Snow

We've had a few snow days within the last couple of weeks. I would say it's so random and  crazy for the month of March in Texas, but most of the country has had huge snowstorms as well.
The girls of course love to see it and play in it. I enjoy watching from inside, but thankfully Jason is willing to go out in the wet cold and build snowmen with them. By the end of it they understood that they needed to dress warmly for mommy to let them out, but the first day they went out while I was in the shower and I came out to find Maddie wearing a short-sleeved dress, socks on her hands, boots on her feet, and nothing else! The snow and ice days meant lots of at home work days for Jason, which is always nice.

Daddy taught the girls that they could hold baby Clara. I had been avoiding this very thing because I knew it would lead to unsupervised holding and nonstop requests to hold her. I can't deny it's cute to see my babies holding my baby. The picture of Madison holding her really makes Clara look big, but I think it's just the angle. Madison usually looks like a giant compared to Clara and Clara is a tiny little thing.

Clara just had her 4 month checkup. Here are her stats:

  • 10 lb 9.5 oz (10th percentile)
  • 23 1/4"length (10th percentile)
  • 15 3/4" head (25th percentile)
See. Tiny little thing. I still have her wearing some of her newborn clothes and some of her 3 month clothes are still to big for her to wear.

 I can already tell that Clara loves her big sisters. I've mentioned this before. She especially loves Callie because Callie shows great interest in her and always wants to be a part of what Clara's doing. I'm hoping as she gets older (and after Maddie gets over the frustration of Clara wanting to play with her toys) that those two will become best buddies, especially since Callie will be starting school in August.

As school gets closer and closer, I find myself getting so anxious about Callie starting school. With her being so sensitive, I worry about other kids teasing her or her getting upset and not being comfortable enough to talk to her teacher about it. I worry about her being sad at school and missing being at home. I worry about the things she doesn't know yet. I worry about her being the youngest in her grade and being behind the other kids. I worry about the negative things she will see and hear from the other kids. The list goes on and on.

But. We took her to kindergarten roundup at her school last week and a lot of those worries were lessened as I saw how ridiculously excited she is about starting school. She was a little quiet and shy at first, but she left the school skipping and grinning ear to ear exclaiming, "this is the perfect school for me!" It made me so excited for her to start school. She will be just fine and I think she will really like school.

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